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Dizüstü Bilgisayar ve Evraklar


Other names in Ventilation Systems are Esmatik, windmill Chimney Propeller,  Bacamatik, and chimney aspirator,  Turbo Ventilators with the assurance of the best prices and the highest quality materials Ventilation

It is also known as Natural Chimney Aspirator, Wind Vane, Esmatic and Turbo Ventilator. Self-rotating, Turbo Roof Ventilator, Quality return bearings, Easy assembly, High Quality, Turbo Ventilator It is an advanced technology product that does not require any energy use, working entirely with wind power. Using the power of the wind, it turns in the same direction no matter which way the wind blows. In this way, it expels the smoke and polluted air inside the chimney by centrifugal force.
When used in central system central heating and floor heating chimneys, it provides 8%-12% fuel savings and ensures that boilers and burners operate silently and for a longer life. When the stove floor heater is applied to the central system heater chimneys in the apartments using common chimneys, it quickly throws out the odor, soot and smoke, preventing poisoning to a large extent. It prevents the recoil of chimneys in windy weather and saves stove poisoning and the costs of whitewash and paint every year. As it constantly cleans the air, it makes your home smell fresher. Normally, while the smell is more in windy weather, more efficiency is obtained in windy weather thanks to the esmatic system.

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