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Dizüstü Bilgisayar ve Evraklar

Grille-Damper and

The vents are the channels that are used to transfer the air in the environment from the inside to the outside or from the outside to the inside as desired. The size varies according to the ventilation requirement. Portable air conditioners can also be used to create vents. These systems are applied in many areas of use.

They are used to prevent the spread of fire and smoke with air ducts in ventilation and air conditioning systems. They are installed in fire zones, especially in rectangular and round ducts. It can be used in reinforced concrete and brick wall transitions as well as in air ducts.

Air Dampers: They are designed for use in air conditioning, ventilation and heating applications. air dampers; They are used for air quantity adjustment and pressure control in blowing and suction ducts.

Silencers: In ventilation systems, noise can come from various parts such as dampers or fans. Silencers are placed in appropriate places within the ventilation system to comply with a certain sound level. Silencers should have adequate silencing capability, low air resistance and should be as small as possible.

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