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Elektrik Hatlarının Sabitlenmesi

Saying that our most important power is our human resources, we continue our investments to increase the employment rate while contributing to the country's economy by working with the best and advanced personnel in the Ventilation Industry.

  We believe that people with high self-confidence, who follow their dreams and realize their dreams will be happier. We are aware that the most important factor in achieving our goals is qualified and happy employees. We shape our Human Resources (HR) management accordingly. We make the selection of the human resources that our group company needs, by considering the equal opportunity principle among the people who are open to development and who will adopt and live our values, as well as the needs of our business lines. It makes up our whole approach.

It is possible to summarize our approach to human resource management under the following headings:

  • Our human resource is our main element that provides competitive advantage.

  • We expect each of our employees to have common values.

  • We aim to make our group a particularly preferred institution to work with.

  • We observe fairness and equality of opportunity among our employees.

  • We evaluate and encourage success and high performance.

  • We pay attention to the differences of the sectors and companies that make up our group.

  • We follow the developments in HR management and evaluate them in line with our needs and implement them.

  • We try to develop an understanding of sustainability in our employees in order to meet the needs of today in a way that does not reduce the resources of future generations.


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