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Dizüstü Bilgisayar ve Evraklar


Air Conditioning Board, Elastomeric Rubber Insulation, NFAF Acoustic Board, Rock Wool Insulation 

Ventilation Systems such as Air Conditioning Board, Glass Wool Air Conditioning Board and Air Duct Insulation products at the most affordable prices  Ventilation Group

After the production, the joints of the air ducts are sealed with silicone and mastic. Ventilation duct insulation (insulation) is provided with materials used for many sound insulation or heat insulation purposes, such as polyurethane, rock wool, glass wool and Elastomeric Rubber Insulation. With ventilation duct insulation, the temperature value of the air passing through or outside the air duct remains constant. . Another advantage is that the noises produced by the high-speed ventilation fans in the air duct are reduced. For this reason, ventilation duct insulation should be applied to air conditioners with duct type used in air-conditioned areas, ducts to which ventilation fans with hot air coils are used, and air ducts connected to air handling units. Experts recommend that air duct insulation be made in air-conditioned areas, which has come to the fore once again due to the energy problem we have experienced in Turkey in recent years, the reason for which is important.

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