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Dizüstü Bilgisayar ve Evraklar


Air Handling Units, Pool dehumidification units, electrostatic filter units, heat recovery systems, parking lot ventilation systems, shopping mall ventilation systems, jet fans, shelter ventilation systems from the Ventilation Group, which has the most suitable and highest quality product range for your projects. You can browse with confidence.

Successful evacuation of air in any enclosed space is provided by ventilation systems. It is necessary both for the environment to be suitable for work and for the personnel working in  to continue their activities in a healthier way. Thanks to the system, the air defined as dirty will be replaced by fresh air. Complex systems designed for this; It is designed according to the physical characteristics of the place where it is located, and does not contain any problems in terms of aesthetics. You can purchase the ventilation system you need with SALT Engineering.What were the Ventilation Systems?Ventilation systems are used in many different areas. Therefore, there are multiple types and they are as followskitchen exhaust systems,heat recovery systems,Pool dehumidification systems,dental polyclinic ventilation system,restaurant ventilation systems,cafe ventilation systems,Stainless steel chimney systems,office ventilation systems,Fresh ventilation systems,car park ventilation systems,Air handling units

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